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Calida Dame T-Shirt - I LOVE NATURE- Komposterbar!

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    Calida I LOVE NATURE T-shirt Short Sleeve Woman, Dryed Tomato. 14090-179
    100% Lyocell/ Tencel

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    Calida ILOVE NATURE T-SHIRT til Damer. Fashionable and sustainable - the short-sleeve shirt from the I LOVE NATURE series by CALIDA. The top is 100% compostable, making a clear statement that high-quality textiles can be produced in a completely sustainable way. The source material for this product is wood, which is processed in a closed loop. If you would like to dispose of the T-shirt, either return it to CALIDA or place it on your garden compostshort-sleeve shirt,

    *in 100% Tencel® MICRO
    *sustainably produced
    *finishing process and all materials used are sustainable and biodegradable
    *Cradle to Cradle Certified™ label guarantees re-use in the biological cycle
    *with round neck and patch-style breast pocket
    *available for the whole family

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